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About Us

Buffet-World is a gem in the hospitality industry: a unique combination of the ultimate in buffet supplies, exceptional service and superior expertise. A winning element of Buffet-World is our ability to source you both local and international buffet products; guaranteed to satisfy all your buffet supply needs.
Core to the success of Buffet-World is our use of a network of service professionals. The primary focus of these experienced individuals is to link with you, our client, and achieve every aspect necessary for the success of your hospitality establishment. These elements include design, sourcing, procurement, installation and commissioning, all achieved with not only a personal touch but our offered logistical support.

The Buffet-World management team boasts the most sought after qualities of both knowledge and skill within the industry, supported by a Hotel School "Management" qualification. Ample years of senior management industry experience, ensures the capability of our team of meeting every requirement. This is the foundation upon which Buffet-World chooses and supplies its reputable products.
Another factor which enhances the individuality of Buffet-World is our flair for merging international class with national merchandise.

As a corporate and fellow member of the South African Chefs Association, Buffet-World is “streetwise” in Africa. This has been accomplished due to years of travel experience in many countries in Africa, understanding the logistics, dynamics and cultures of this remarkable continent. The common aim and mission of Buffet-World is united with this very understanding. We strive to provide the highest standards of hospitality and food presentation. But exclusive to Buffet-World, is the promise that these ideals are accomplished with the finesse that encompasses the traditions of each particular region. At Buffet-World, we hold as our main purpose, that of "raising the bar" on customer experience and providing a good hospitality solution.

"Why not distinguish your buffet from the rest..."